“Make Plain ” – a way of saying ‘un-complicate your life’.

Togheter since 2011, Luca and Andrea (both previously involved in rock groups) have made ‘un-complicate your life’ their musical philosophy too, sticking with a simple but never boring alt-folk music style.

They started keeping things basic : two voices, two guitars. Pure and beautiful simplicity, carrying us away with them on the chug of their freight train rhythm to places and atmospheres like those in the Baz Luhrmann film “Australia”which inspired the duo’s formation.

During 2012-2013, the duo performs at all main local events in the south of Switzerland, winning the first prize in the 2013 youth contest “Palco ai Giovani”. Shortly after this, they appear, also achieving top marks, in the brand-new talent show ”Show Time” (RSI-SSR).

In September of 2013 they cut their first album “Make it Plain”.

Thanks to the support of friends and the website wemakeit.ch, Luca and Andrea, in late April 2014, take to the road for a short time in Ireland where they busker and gig (Sleepzone Hostel, Galway), then fly down to London to perform in the historic “Troubadour Club” – an important venue which has seen the likes of Dylan, Hendrix and Paul Simon, to name few.

Subsequent to a March 2014 online vote where they finish in the top 8 out of 250 bands, Make Plain, in July, along with the 7 others selected, perform on the Waldbuehne stage of the prestigious Gurten Festival. Once again, the jury awards them ; once again, they do their home canton proud.

During 2014 and 2015 the two played various venues, including opening for Goran Bregovic in Castel Grande in Bellinzona. 

On the 1st July 2015, they premiered their video for “Stand By Me”, a reinterpretation of Ben E. King’s famous track.

At the end of 2015 they present the new single “Let Me” taking part in the Swiss selection of “Eurovision Song Contest 2016”. This song anticipates the new album “Side Street” presented on a showcase (Studio 2, RSI, Lugano), May 2016 and at Cinema Plaza in Mendrisio, June 2016.

The new album has been recorded with the participation of professional musicians that are also going to perform with the duo on the most important stages to live a new creative experience and to ensure a greater public impact.

For this new project Make Plain are working togheter with GOS (Guitar Of Stone), a startup company that builds acoustic and electric guitars and basses made of stone (granite) from Ticino.

Luca and Andrea, never forgetting their roots and experience in Ticino feel it’s time to pick up their guitars, travel across borders and mountains to promote their music also in the other parts of Switzerland and why not, the world …